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Marine Professional Indemnity Insurance

MNK Re is a specialist Lloyd's of London Broker for Marine Liabilities Risks, Marine Professional Indemnity insurance cover being one of them. We work with various Syndicates at Lloyd's to provide Marine Professional Indemnity coverage to various professionals within the maritime industry.

What is Marine Professional Indemnity Insurance?

Marine Professional Indemnity insurance designed to protect firms and individuals within the maritime industry against claims arising from their legal liability and errors & omissions in the exercise of the their professional duties.

  • Legal Liability
  • Errors and Omission

Cover extensions include third party liability and liability for fines and duty.
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Why do I need Marine Professional Insurance?

Many people may argue that the risk of having a PI claims is low. Our experience however, gained through having placed many hundreds of PI policies for our clients shows a very different picture. As professionals, it is often hard to imagine a claim being made against you, but unfortunately in our ever increasing litigious global society it seems to be an increasing trend.

Even if you are not responsible for an occurrence or event, the cost of investigation and defense can rise very quickly to large sums, which can damage or even destroy your business.

It is times such as these that you need the protection and support of professional insurance brokers and insurers and a PI policy designed to provide the protection you and your business needs.

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- Marine General Professional liability

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