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Ports and Terminals Insurance | Property & Liability | Package Policy

Ports and Terminal Operators Liability Insurance
MNK Re is a specialist Lloyd's of London Broker for Ports and Terminal Operators Insurance. Ports and Terminals Insurance can be done or Property and Liability on stand-alone basis or we can also provide a Ports and Terminals Package Insurance Policy quote for operators.We work with multiple syndicates at Lloyd's of London to provide coverage to the owners and operators of ports and terminals involved in the carriage, handling or storage of cargo against legal liabilities arising out of the conduct of their business. We would normally require a completed ports and terminals insurance proposal form along with a recent survey report to be ble to provide the most competitive quote.

From the largest port or global terminal operator to a small cargo handling facility, MNK Re's Ports and Terminals team specialists will be able to offer a creative and customised solutions for your business.

  • Legal and contractual liability arising from:  
    • Damage to cargo, vessels and equipment including demurrage and consequential losses
    • Damage to third party property and bodily injury
    • Removal of wreck including statutory duty
    • Costs and expenses in disposal of cargo
    • Vessel traffic management, navigation and pilotage
    • Sudden and accidental pollution
    • Advice and information
    • Fines and duties
    • Fire legal liability
    • Infringement of personal rights
    • Advertising liability
    • Costs and expenses to investigate, mitigate and defend claims
  • Physical damage to property and handling equipment including:  
    • Port infrastructure
    • Cargo handling equipment
    • Natural catastrophes
    • Marine impact
    • Machinery breakdown
    • Business interruption, port blockage, increased cost of working and loss of rent
  • Additional covers which can be considered are:  
    • Container fleet lessors
    • Logistics, transport and warehouse operators
    • Hull and machinery / protection and indemnity cover for port craft
    • Marine professional indemnity
    • Marine products liability

  • Landlord port authorities
  • Operational port authorities
  • Stevedores and wharfingers
  • Inland clearance depots
  • Container freight stations
  • Container storage depots
  • Marine terminals of all types including:
    • Container terminals
    • Break bulk terminals
    • Wet bulk terminals
    • Dry bulk terminals
    • Ro Ro terminals
    • Passenger terminals
    • Car terminals
    • Ferry terminals
    • River terminals
    • Barge terminals

In case you need a quote or a proposal form, please write to us:



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