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Treaty Reinsurance

Treaty Reinsurance

MNK Re specializes in Treaty Placements for small, medium or large sized insurance companies. We can work with Direct Insurers, Captives, Mutual Insurance Companies, Family Takaful and General Takaful Companies, Pools and Reinsurers.

Our Services

- Creating New Reinsurance Treaties to help you enter a new line of insurance business
- Proving follow market support from strong reinsurers to help you maintain or augment your own rating
- Providing Surplus Lines capacity to help you procure more business and stay ahead of your competitors
- Restructuring your existing reinsurance treaties to help you earn more income from the same book of business
- Improving the terms of your existing reinsurance treaty, e.g. increasing capacity, removing unnecessary conditions, etc.

Treaty Product Lines

- Quota Share (QS)
- Surplus Share (SPL)

Non Proportional
- Excess of Loss (XOL)
- Stop Loss
- Catastrophic Cover
- Net Protection

Retrocession Treaties

Facultative Obligatory

Line Slips


Our Clients

  • Direct Insurance Companies

  • Captives

  • Mutual Insurance Companies

  • Family Takaful and General Takaful Companies

  • Pools

  • Reinsurers

Our Reinsurers

We deal with only Top Rated reinsurance securities who come from all around the world and include:

- Lloyd's of London
- London Market
- Continental Europe
- Middle Eastern Market
- North America
- Far East
- Others

How to Reach us?

44 203 036 0924 / 0925

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