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Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in airline insurance, aerospace insurance, and general aviation. We are able to provide terms for hull and liability coverage for aircraft owners, lessors and operators, as well as liability coverage to airports, manufacturers, and aviation service providers globally. We can also provide support for aviation loss of license cover for pilots and other coverage including accidental death, medical expenses and war/terrorism risk.

Aviation insurance offers the best way to protect your assets and isolate any risk associated with your business aircraft operations. Please see below for brief details about the various coverages:

Aviation hull insurance

We provide terms on both type and non-type certificated aircrafts and can insure hull values up to a large limit for any single aircraft. We can provide aviation all risks coverage combining hull and liability insurance. Our focus is on mid sized passenger and cargo airlines including start-up airlines and general aviation (fixed wing and rotor wing).

Contingent all risks

We can provide a bespoke policy protecting banks, financial institutions and investors’ interests in aircraft including ‘total loss only’ coverage

Third party and passenger liability insurance

Insured aircraft operators are protected with this cover against legal liability to third parties and passengers, should they suffer damage or injury as a result of the operation of the insured aircraft.

Airport operations liability insurance

This cover protects the liability of entities which provide the facilities at airports (such as airport operators, hanger keepers, and/or maintenance and repair facilities). We also provide coverage for airside liability insurance.

Aviation war and hijacking insurance

We provide coverage against terrorist attack, hijacking, sabotage and confiscation. A special endorsement can further extend cover to an aircraft hull for both war and hijacking risks.

Cargo freight and liability insurance

Cargo legal liability insurance cover protects an air carrier against the legal liability for loss or damage to cargo whilst in the care, custody or control of the operator.

Personal accident insurance

We provide reinsurance terms against injury, disablement and/or death as a result of an aircraft accident, which covers both aircrew and passengers. We also provide loss of licence insurance for pilots.


An aviation insurance policy typically covers the following risks:

Focus areas

The following types of aircraft may be covered:

Geographical area



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